Andrés Sardá - Mini Full Cup Bra - Ivory (JUST LANDED )


Adding to the luxurious Andrés Sardá collection and just in time for the warmer days ahead the Mini Full Cup bra now comes in ivory. Honouring the Sarda family tradition of working with exquisite lace the semi sheer ivory lace bra is crafted with a light stretch tulle lining for added support. Double straps with tone-on-tone decorative hardware. A flattering and easy to wear colour.

It all Started In Barcelona :
With the closing of the 19th Century the Sarda family started in the textile industry manufacturing impeccable lace mantillas . Appreciating the exquisite quality of Sarda Lace Jackie Kennedy wore a Sarda Mantilla on a visit to the Vatican in the 1960's

Andrés Sardá proudly a SA8000 Fair Labour Label